Be Better Psychology Criterium

Be Better Psychology Criterium

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RACE 1 – Combined Men’s Master’s C & Women’s C/D


Men's Masters D             

1st     John Atkins            Lifecycle Cycling team

2nd    Phil Leyden            Bikeline Racing



Women's C/D                 

1st     Andrea Gormley     Bikeline Racing      

2nd    Mia Wilkes             Bikeline Racing


Race 1         Prime Winner        

Andrea Gormley     Bikeline Racing


RACE 2 – Men’s Masters C


Men's Masters C             

1st     Jac Van Hoof                   Toowoomba Cycling Club

2nd    Mark Brooks                    Balmoral Cycling Club

3rd     Andrew Stahlhut    Balmoral Cycling Club

 Masters C

Race 2         Prime Winner        

Jac Van Hoof                   Toowoomba Cycling Club


RACE 3 – Combined Men’s Masters B & Men’s Elite C


Men's Masters B             

1st     Brenden Smyth      Hamilton Pine River Wheelers



Men's Elite C                   

1st     James Orchard      Highfields Rollers Cycling

2nd    Peter Pellicaan        Toowoomba Cycling Club

3rd     Dwayne Smith       BCRI

Elite C Peter Pellicaan 

Race 3         Prime Winner        

Brendan Smyth      Hamilton Pine River Wheelers


RACE 4 – Combined Men’s Master’s A & Men’s Elite B & Men’s Elite A


Men's Masters A             

1st     Tim Dalgliesh          Hamilton Pine River Wheelers


Men's Elite B                   

1st     Trent West             Bikeline Racing

2nd    Dean Russell           Bikeline Racing

3rd    Luke Pingel            Gold Coast CATS cycling club


Men's Elite A                   

1st     Matt Ryan              Hamilton Pine River Wheelers

2nd    Peter Thompson    Ipswich CC

3rd     Andrew Stephan    Uni Cycle Club


Race 4                   Primes winners

1.     Peter Thompson    Ipswich CC

2.     Tim Dalgliesh          Hamilton Pine River Wheelers

3.     Peter Thompson    Ipswich CC




Bikeline Racing Raffle Draw results:


1st     Dave Flohr

2nd    Dean Oesar

3rd     Nick Byron


Supplied By - 

Jon Lindley

Bikeline Racing